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HAPPY NOMAD: a haven of the future wanderer


Warsaw University of Technology

Student project, it equally took part in a Dezeen x MINI Living design competition, where mentioned among 15 best projects.
Team: Zuzanna Kołakowska, Magda Blicharz

The project seeks to answer urban challenges cities could face in 100 years' time, how will people live, work and interact. Our architectural solutions takes into concideration a nomadic lifestyle, which is about to be the more and more common face to fast technological development, uberisation, climate problems, pandemics, as well as preferred family models and habits of modern society.
We developed a multifunctional housing system destined of a future wanderer, who is single, work as a a freelancer from enywhere in the world which in consequence enables him to have more free time that can be devoted to passions, meetings and relax. Due to adjustable construction the same structures can be built all over the world. The system is fully controlled by the mobile application. It involves not only the housing units itselves, but also a whole supply system behind, such as food growing and delivery services operated by AI. Houses are able to grow quickly thanks to special production and prefabrication methods.